Combined Biomechanics Labs; 2019-2020 Meetings

Alternate Thursdays, 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Lunch will be provided (Pizza or Thai)

BJCIH, 11th floor, Conf Rm A/B



  • Project report (30-40 minutes; Powerpoint presentation)
  • Lab business/news
  • Optional updates
    Date Presenter
     Jan 03  Brandon Coates (Silva Lab)
     Jan 17   ORS Practice Talks
     Jan 31  No Meeting (ORS)
     Feb 14  Christian Weber (Tang Lab)
     Feb 28  Chris Chermside-Scabbo (Silva Lab)
     Mar 14  Hua Shen (Shen Lab)
     Mar 28  Heather Zannit (Silva Lab)
     Apr 11  Jeremy Eekhoff (Lake Lab)
     Apr 25  Lisa Lawson (Silva Lab)
     May 09  Jun Ying (O'Keefe Lab)
     May 23  Leanne Iannucci (Lake Lab)
     June 06  Cletus Ude (O'Keefe Lab)
     June 20  Nicole Migotsky (Silva Lab)
     June 21  Michael Brodt - Lab Safety
       No meetings in July; meetings to resume August 2018
     Aug 22  Jenny McKenzie (Silva Lab)
     Sep 05  Cuicui Wang (O'Keefe Lab)
     Sep 19  Chelsey Dunham (Lake Lab)
     Oct 03  Taylor Comte (Silva Lab)
     Oct 17  Alex Reiter (Lake Lab)
     Oct 31  Remy Walk (Tang Lab)
     Nov 14  Katie Hixon (Silva Lab)
     Nov 28  No Meeting - Thanksgiving Holiday
     Dec 12  Garrett Easson (Tang Lab)
     Dec 26  No Meeting - Christmas Holiday
     Jan 09  Brandon Coates (Silva Lab)
     Jan 23  ORS Practice Talks
     Feb 06  No Meeting - ORS
     Feb 20  Hua Shen
     Mar 05  Jeremy Eekhoff (Lake Lab)
     Mar 19  Chris Chermside-Scabbo (Silva Lab)
     Apr 02  Jun Ying (O'Keefe Lab)
     Apr 16  Lisa Lawson (Silva Lab)
     Apr 30  Kaitlyn Broz (Tang Lab)
     May 14  Leanne Iannucci (Lake Lab)
     May 28  No Meeting -  MRC/CRM Symposium
     Jun 11  Ryan Potter (Tang Lab)
     Jun 25  Michael Brodt - Lab Safety
      No meetings in July; meetings to resume August 2021

For scheduling questions contact:
Stephanie Simpson at or 314-747-3772