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Roberta Faccio

Roberta Faccio, Ph.D


Department of Orthopaedics Washington University

BJC - Institute of Health
11th floor - RM 11615
Phone: (314) 747-4602 


Roberta Faccio
"The Boss"
Roberta received her Ph.D. at University of Bari, Italy, where she worked with Dr. Zallone studying the cytoskeletal dynamics regulating osteoclast bone resorption. She also spent part of her training in San Diego, at the Scripps Research Institute, in the lab of Dr. Quaranta working on v3 integrin activation. For her post-doc training, she moved to Washington University in St. Louis in Dr. Teitelbaum’s lab, where she worked on M-CSF and v3 integrin crosstalk in osteoclasts. Roberta enjoys running, swimming, making ice cream, traveling and having fun with her family.
Sahil Mahajan

Post Doc Research Associate 
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Biancamaria Ricci

Post Doc Research Associate 
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Debbie Verges

Senior Research Technician
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Hui Yan

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Former Lab Members

Aude-Helene Capietto


Corinne Decker

Ph.D. student

Stefan T. Lupu

Senior technician

Pamela Hesker

Lucia D'Amico

Kaihua Zhang (left)

Kaihua is now staff scientist at Washington University.
Stefania dell’Endice (right)

Research assistant
Stefania is now completing her Ph.D. course in Cell Biology at the University of Bari, Italy.
SeokHo Kim

SeokHo is now assistant professor in Korea.
Holly Epple

Ph.D. student
Holly is now teaching in Indiana.
Dailing Mao

Research Technician
Floriana Cremasco

Summer student
Floriana is now working on her bachelor degree in Pharmacology at the University of Milan, Italy.
No photo available Viviana Cremasco, Ph.D.
No photo available Zunayet Karim, Ph.D.
Staff scientist
Danielle Ketterer

Research Assistant
Simone Valentino

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  Austin Kliefoth

Summer Lab Volunteer
Wei Wang

Post Doctoral Research Associate
Won Jong Jin

Post Doctoral Research Associate
Zhengfeng Yang

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Megan Sullender

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Sarah Zimmerman

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