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McAlinden Lab

Audrey McAlinden, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Department of Cell Biology & Physiology, Washington University
BJC - Institute of Health
11th floor - RM 11612
Phone: (314) 454-8860



McAlinden (PI)
04/01/2014 – 03/31/2019
NIH/NIAMS - R01 AR064191
Regulation of skeletal development by microRNAs
The goals of this study are to decipher the function of specific microRNAs in regulating chondrocyte differentiation and cartilage homeostasis.

McAlinden (Co-Investigator)
01/01/2016 – 12/31/2017
Shriners Hospital Exploratory Grant
Development of a murine model of knee osteochondritis dissecans
The goal of this study is to generate an injury model in mice that will serve as a model for osteochondritis dissecans in order to better understand the disease process and how to induce healing.

McAlinden (Co-Investigator)
03/01/16 - 02/28/21
NIH/NIAMS - R01AR069605
Epigenetic Regulation in Cartilage Tissue
The goals of this project are to determine the functions of the DNA methylation enzyme, Dnmt3b, in regulating post-natal articular cartilage homeostasis.


Children’s Discovery Institute (Interdisciplinary Research Grant)
Title: Identification of novel and differentially-expressed non-coding RNAs during human limb development
Role: PI

Children’s Discovery Institute Interdisciplinary Research Grant
Title: Identification of novel and differentially-expressed non-coding RNAs during human limb development
Role: PI

NIH (R21 RR025397)
Title: Novel collagen II alternative transcripts and mouse skeletal development
Role: Co-PI (with Dr. Thomas Hering)

Pilot & Feasibility Grant (funded by Musculoskeletal Research Center NIH P30 Core Grant AR057235)
Title: Generation of a knock-in mouse model to study the role of type II collagen alternative splicing during chondrogenesis
Role: PI

Shriners Research Grant (Small Project)
Title: Longitudinal growth and survival of epiphyseal plates following ex vivo storage and allotransplantation
Role: Co-PI (with Dr. Martin Boyer)

NIH (R21 AR053513)
Title: Generation of a recombinant mouse model expressing only one Col2a1 isoform
Role: PI

Arthritis National Research Foundation
Title: Induction of articular (hyaline) cartilage differentiation from human adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells.
Role: PI

Arthritis Foundation (Investigator Grant)
Title: Regulation of the COL2A1 alternative splicing switch during chondrogenesis
Role: PI

NIH (R01)
Title: Regulation of gene expression in cartilage
Role: Co-Investigator (PI, Dr Linda Sandell)

NIH (R03 AR48250)
Title: Growth Factor Interactions with the Developmentally-Expressed Amino-Propeptide of Type II Procollagen
Role: PI