Sandell Lab

Linda Sandell

Linda Sandell, Ph.D

Mildred B. Simon Research Professor and Director of Research

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Washington University
BJC - Institute of Health
11th floor - RM 11617
Phone: (314) 454-7800



SANDELL (Co-Investigator)
04/01/2015 – 03/31/2020
NIH/NIAMS - R01 AR066590
“The Dynamic Range of Site-1 Protease in Skeletal Development”
The goal of this project is to investigate the role(s) of Site-1 protease in cartilage and bone development through the discovery of additional substrates for site-1 protease in chondrocyte and osteoblast lineages.

NIH/NIAMS - P30 AR057235
“Core Center for Musculoskeletal Diseases”
The goal of this project is to develop a Core Center in Musculoskeletal Disease at Washington University to bring together a substantial group of investigators from our large University complex to form an identifiable unit in the research community: Research in Musculoskeletal Diseases.

SANDELL (Co- Investigator)
09/23/2013 – 08/31/2016
NIH/NIAMS - R01 AR063757
“Genetics of Cartilage Regeneration and Osteoarthritis”
The overall goal of this grant is to establish the cartilage repair and osteoarthritis phenotype in the various recombinant inbred and advanced intercross lines to map the genetic variation for these phenotypes.

SANDELL (Mentor); RAI (PI)
05/01/2014 – 04/30/2016
NIH/NIAMS - K99 AR064837
The focus of this grant proposal is to understand the genetic, molecular and cellular differences in cartilage regeneration and degeneration in a set of healer and non-healer mouse strains from recombinant inbred lines.   


Sandell(PI); Rai(Co-PI)
01/30/2014 – 05/31/2015
Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A.
Study of early of and late responses to intra-articular treatment of the knee joint following compressive loading. In this proposal we wish to test if the treatment of a joint injury with hyaluronic acid suppresses events that lead to post-traumatic osteoarthritis in mice

Sandell (PI)
03/01/1998 - 08/31/2014
NIH/NIAMS - R01 AR 045550
“Function and Regulation of CD-RAP”
The specific aims of this study are to: 1) determine the mechanism of the CD-RAP 183-bp regulatory domain that confers tissue specificity; 2) determine the role of additional negative/positive regulatory elements; 3) screen for and analyze co-regulators; 4) computational identification and functional validation of novel regulatory motifs.

09/01/2005 – 08/31/2011
NIH/NIAMS - R01 AR36994
“Regulation of Gene Expression in Cartilage”
The specific aims of this study are to 1) investigate the role of negative transcription factors  during chondrogenesis, specifically AP-2, ∂ef-1 and C/EBP 2) investigate the regulation of   the type ii procollagen pre-mRNA alternative splicing switch that occurs during chondrogenesis. 3) determine the function of developmentally-expressed type IIA procollagen protein isoform in vivo. 4) investigate the mechanism of IL-1ß and TNF-a induction of BMP-2 in adult chondrocytes.

SANDELL (Co-investigator)
07/01/2006 – 06/30/2011
NIH/NIAMS - R01 AR 053224
“Genetic Variation in Murine Long Bone Growth and Development”
The goal of this project is to determine the genes that cause bone growth.

09/25/2009 – 08/31/2011
NIH/NIAMS - RC2 AR058978-01
“Genetic Mouse Models of Cartilage Healing”
The overall goal of the Grand Opportunity grant proposal is to establish the cartilage repair phenotype in the parental healing and non-healing animals and 12 R1 inbred strains and the repair phenotype in the individuals in the Advanced Intercross F40 generation.

02/04/2010- 05/09/2011
Bear Cub/ Washington University – Office of Technology Management
“Inhibition of Migration and Induction of Cell Death by the Type II Collagen Amino Propetide”
We have demonstrated chondrosarcoma tumor and breast cancer cell killing activity in vitro and anti-angiogenic activity in vitro and in vivo.  In preliminary studies using two in vivo cancer models, we have promising results in reducing tumor size with our reagent.  At this stage animal studies with commercially prepared reagent are necessary to provide the proof for the concept that our reagent will reduce tumors in animals.  We have chosen to target the chondrosarcoma and breast cancer tumors because (1) we have extensive preliminary data in vitro and in vivo and (2) there is a significant need for adjuvant treatment for both breast cancers and chondrosarcoma.

05/01/2010 – 08/31/2011
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Effect of Dexamethasone on Tracheal Cartilage

SANDELL (Co-Investigator)
12/01/2008 – 04/30/2012  
NIH/NIDDK - R01 DK065789-06A1
“Indian Hedgehog Signaling in Osteoblast Differentiation”
The main goal of this project is to understand the mechanism by which Ihh regulates the osteoblast lineage.

Sandell (PI)
04/01/2009 - 03/31/2013
NIH/NIAMS - 1 U13 AR057296
Biomarkers for Osteoarthritis
The goal of this project is to support the continuation of the very successful set of meetings of the OA Biomarkers Network.  Three meetings are supported: April 23-24, 2009; November 4-5, 2010 and spring 2012.

SANDELL (Co-Investigator)
07/01/2011 – 06/30/2013
OREF  Young Investigator Grant
“Metabolic Activity of the Meniscus:  Potential Marker for and Predictor of Osteoarthritis
The goal of this project is to measure the metabolic activity of the meniscus with known candidate genes and start to assess the relationship of meniscal activity to patient age, chondrosis and serum biomarkers.  

Sandell (PI)
09/01/2007 – 08/31/2013
NIH/NIAMS - R01 AR 050847
“Cis Regulatory Motifs in Adult Articular Chondrocytes”
The major goals of this project is to investigate the molecular basis for the severe chondrodysplasia caused by the lack of the enzyme Site-1-protease in cartilage and the lack of endochondral bone formation.