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McAlinden Lab

Audrey McAlinden, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Department of Cell Biology & Physiology, Washington University

BJC - Institute of Health
11th floor - RM 11612
Phone: (314) 454-8860

Lab News

Belated Spring Festival celebrations at Private Kitchen Chinese restaurant in St Louis. Feb 13, 2020. Austin Hensley, Hongjun Zheng, Audrey McAlinden, Jin Liu.
Hongjun and Audrey at ORS in Phoenix after presenting in the Cartilage Development Session, Feb 10, 2020
 Nov 1, 2019, Dr, Hongjun Zheng will be promoted to Senior Scientist. Congratulations, Hongjun, and well-deserved!

Celebrating grant success and the promotion of Dr. Hongjun Zheng to Senior Scientist! (with Farsh Guilak, Matt Silva and Jenny McKenzie, October 25, 2019)

Grant news: Dr. McAlinden and her team recently scored a 1.0 percentile on their R01 application entitled “MicroRNA regulation of bone formation and repair” The McAlinden Lab, in collaboration with the Guilak Lab, also received a 3.0 percentile on their R21 application entitled: “Targeting microRNAs for osteochondral tissue engineering”
Audrey McAlinden to present at the Non-coding RNAs in Biology & Medicine Conference, Rockville MD, April 2020
Hongjun presenting our data at ORS in Austin (Feb, 2019)

Celebrating birthdays and grant submissions at Sultan Mediterranean restaurant (July, 2019)

Britta's Last Day!

Hongjun making bone! Strengthening exercise of the day.

          Soumya Ravindran, Audrey McAlinden, Louisa Wirthlin