Dobbs Lab



Dobbs-Gurnett Lab

Simon Tang

Matthew Dobbs, MD


Department of Orthopaedics Washington University
Phone: (314) 454-4814


Our laboratory is interested in discovering the genetic basis of pediatric musculoskeletal disorders. Our research currently focuses on gene discovery for limb malformations and scoliosis, two conditions whose etiology is poorly understood.  This research utilizes the large volume of patients with well-characterized musculoskeletal disease at St Louis Children's Hospital and Shriners Hospital in collaborative clinical and basic science studies.  To identify the genetic basis of these disorders, we are using linkage studies using high density SNP microarray data, genome-wide association studies, genomic copy number analysis, and whole exome sequencing.

The long term goals of our research are to improve patient care by applying knowledge of the genetic and mechanistic basis of these disorders to the development of novel treatment and prevention methods.  Thus, we are interested in determining how genetic and environmental factors impact disease in model organisms, including mice and zebrafish.  Our translational studies immediately return to the clinic to see how these factors affect human disease and treatment.

The disorders that we study include clubfoot, vertical talus, hip dysplasia, scoliosis, distal arthrogryposis, split foot/hand malformation and myelodysplasia.




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