Silva Lab

Matthew Silva, Ph.D

Julia and Walter R. Peterson Orthopaedic Research Professor

Department of Orthopaedics Washington University
BJC - Institute of Health
11th floor - RM 11619
Phone: (314) 747-3772

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Silva Lab News

Congratulations to Evan Buettmann for a successful thesis defense!

Congrats to Dr. Jennifer McKenzie for her outstanding oral presentation on Hh Agnonist treatment for fracture healing at the ASBMR meeting in Denver. Jenny also presented a poster on FGF pathway and bone homeostasis.

Congrats to Evan Buettmann for his well-attended poster presentation on inducible Cre for targeting bone in fracture models (photo).

Taylor Comte, a BME PhD candidate, has been selected as a pre-doctoral trainee on the “Interdisciplinary Training in Mechanobiology from nm to cm (MBnc)” T32 Training grant. Congratulations, Taylor!

Congratulations to Nilsson Holguin on his new faculty job! He will join the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and the Center for Musculoskeletal Health at IUPUI in Indianapolis in July 2017.

Congratulations to David Sun who earned his B.S. in BME in May 2017! David has accepted a job at Epic in Madison, WI, a leading software company in the healthcare industry.

Congratulations to Nicole Micogtsky who has been accepted into the WashU BME PhD Program, starting in August 2017!

Lab members Heather Zannit, Brandon Coates, Jenny McKenzie and Nilsson Holguin presented their work at the #ORS2017 meeting in San Diego!

Matt presented an #ORS2017 Spotlight Talk “Bone Mechanobiology: What Small Animal Models Have Taught Us About Loading Induced Bone Formation”, highlighting the recent work of Heather, Michael, Nilsson and David.

Matt presented at the #ORS2017 Preclinical Models Section on the “Axial Tibial Loading: Influence of Loading Parameters, Mouse Strain and Age”, and participated in a lively panel discussion.

Congrats to Jenny, Evan and Matt for their recent FASEB Journal paper (w/ Megan Killian) showing that Scleraxis (a supposed tendon-specific transcription factor) is required for normal bone development and fracture healing. link:
Congrats to Brandon, Heather, Jenny and Nilsson for acceptance of their abstract to the ORS 2017 meeting in San Diego!
Jeremy Eekhoff, a BME graduate student, is starting his research rotation in the Silva Lab. Welcome Jeremy!
Brandon Coates, a BME PhD candidate, has been selected as a pre-doctoral trainee on the Interdisciplinary Training in Mechanobiology from nm to cm (MBnc) T32 Training grant. Brandon is working on stress fracture models. Congratulations, Brandon!
Heather Zannit, a BME PhD candidate, has been selected as a pre-doctoral trainee on the Skeletal Disorders Training Program T32 grant. Heather is working on osteoblast origin after mechanical loading. Congratulations, Heather!
Welcome to Dr. Susumu Yoneda! Dr Yoneda is an orthopaedic hand surgeon from Univ. of the Ryukyus, Japan, who joins us as a Post Doc. He will work with Drs Gelberman and Hua Shen on flexor tendon research.
Congrats to Nilsson, Michael and Matt for their recent JBMR paper on why old mice are less responsive to loading.
  Taylor Comte recently passed her BME qualifying exam as a PhD candidate and has joined the Silva lab. Welcome Taylor!
Nilsson Holguin has been selected to receive an ASBMR Harold M. Frost Young Investigator Award to attend the 46th ORS International Sun Valley Workshop on Musculoskeletal Biology in Sun Valley, Idaho, USA, August 7-10, 2016. Congratulations!