Rai Lab

M. Farooq Rai, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Department of Orthopaedics Washington University

BJC - Institute of Health 
11th floor - RM 11620          
Phone: (314) 286-0955



Rai (PI)
5/1/14 – 4/30/17
NIH/NIAMS: 5K99AR064837

Genetic and molecular insights into cartilage regeneration, primary and post-traumatic osteoarthritis The focus of this grant proposal is to understand the genetic differences in cartilage regeneration and degeneration in a set of healer and non-healer mouse strains from recombinant inbred lines.

Rai (Co-Investigator), Brophy (PI)
11/1/13 – 10/30/16
AAOSM Sanofi Biosurgery Osteoarthritis Grant

Molecular profiling of meniscus and articular cartilage in knees with and without osteoarthritis to identify candidate gene for therapeutic intervention This study explores early changes in meniscus and articular cartilage from patients undergoing partial meniscectomy and total knee arthroplasty. These findings will improve our understanding of how osteoarthritis influences gene expression in the meniscus and articular cartilage, as well as how gene expression in the meniscus relates to gene expression in the cartilage.


Rai (Co-Investigator), Sandell (PI)
09/23/13 – 08/31/16
NIH/NIAMS: R01 AR063757
Genetics of cartilage repair and osteoarthritis.

Rai (Co-Investigator), Sandell (PI)
10/04/14 – 08/31/16
NIH/NIAMS: R01 AR063757-79159A
Genetics of cartilage repair and osteoarthritis: admin supplement on sex differences in musculoskeletal research.

Rai (Co-PI), Sandell (PI)
01/31/14 – 12/31/15
Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A., Italy
Study of early and late responses to intra-articular treatment of the knee joint following compressive loading.

Rai (Co-Investigator), Brophy (PI)
10/01/14 – 09/30/15
Mid-America Orthopaedic Association
A comparative molecular analysis of gene expression in anterior cruciate ligament injuries with and without a concomitant meniscus tear.

Rai (PI)
10/01/14 – 03/31/15
NIH/NIAMS: Just-in-Time (P30 AR057235)
Human tissue banking for musculoskeletal research.

Rai (PI)
04/01/13 – 03/31/14
NIH/NIAMS: Pilot & Feasibility (P30 AR057235)
Study of early responses in knee joint following compressive tibial loading in genetic mouse strains.